Shar Shk Buk

Fine artist, musician, poet, farmer, artful ceremonialist and beautiful, free spirit, Cathie Jo has been on a journey her entire life to become a thoughtful visitor on this great earth and her creations are a reflection of her partnership with nature and the essence of life. Read more ...

Current Availble Work

Pit Fired Pots

All Art Originated in Ceremony

Ceremony is what makes us human. Like loyalty is the Medicine of Dog, and gentleness the Medicine of Deer, so creativity (read ceremony) is the Medicine of the human race (and there is only one human race.). Our greatest strength, the essence of what makes us human is our ability to create.

ART can be, like ceremony is, a dialogue with the divine. We are, each one of us, capable of entering directly into this dialogue at any time. It is our willingness and intent that opens the door. Spirit speaks to us at all times through all things. If we choose to see, hear, and feel this divine communication (communion) all we have to do is present ourselves, and the magic of ART as ceremony ... is born again!

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