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Shar Shk Buk

A very dear friend of mine was struck by a car on the frontage road just off Hwy 19, south of Green Valley and left for dead. If I had not been compelled by some magnetic spiritual force to drive in to Green Valley to get my new sombrero and been heading home, at that very time, surely my beloved would have died there in the 100 degree heat, in the middle of the road. I have no idea how long he lay there unable to move. As it was it took 5 hours of tender loving care, the first hour in a shallow pond of cool water, to save his precious life. His recovery was very slow for the first 48 hours.
The first morning out in the yard he managed to squeeze through a small hole in the fence but could do no more than lay down under the nearest tree and let me carry him back home. The following day through much effort he found another way out but still could not find the strength to “beep beep” and run off into the desert… once again letting me carry him home.
He is stunningly beautiful and his vocalizations are sweet sounds to behold. He is a blessing and a great joy in my home until he gathers the strength to run off once again into the desert.
It is always devastating for me when I see our beautiful country men lying dead along the road: javalin, bobcat, coyote, badger, owl, hawk, raccoon, the list goes on. I just cannot imagine hitting an animal like that and not stopping to show the respect and common sense of removing the body from the road side, off just a bit into the grass and weeds or perhaps under a tree to allow the it to go back to the earth and feed others in a good way… offering a prayer for the departing.
Who knows? Once, I stood by a stone cold, knocked out Javalin, guarding her until she came to and jumped up to live again. Perhaps just rendering a little assistance could save a precious life. Or maybe we could all just slow down a little, especially at night.

SSB in pond

SSB dressed great shot


SSB funny face 2

SSB and I in mirror

SSB dressed cute face

SSB our eyes

SSB feeding

SSB with Maria

SSB against fence

SSB in hand upright

SSB tail up out doors

SSB close up blue top