Bees on the move



Last Monday morning on Moon doggie and I’s regular route we had the great and good fortune of coming across a swarm of bees bunked up for the night on a tree. I ran Moon home and came back with the camera. (Moon is absolutely indignant in the company of bees) It was still chilly enough that the swarm was undulating but mostly intact. Just the first few individuals were venturing off the mass. Those on the bottom and shady sides were still: stone cold still, with body temperatures too low to move. Because of their early morning inactivity I was able to photograph them from about 3 inches and got some pretty great photos right up until they started to get tangled in my hair… just a couple, but it seemed like a good and polite time to make my exit. A few of the bees escorted me out of the area. One followed me about half way home. It was a beautiful sight to see.