Something unusual seems to be happening in the studio today. I guess that means its business as usual. Today the snake spirit asks the seemingly impossible. Which of course means that it surely is possible. My best days in the studio are the ones when I feel it happening… I feel the presence of spirit beckoning me forward into something utterly new.
I have been working with Snake since the old days in Alaska. Way back in the egg rattle days. Somewhere out there, there must be a snakes’ egg rattle or two.
The Snake medicine bowls of Arizona came directly out of the Wolf medicine bowls. The third time Wolf came, spirit said, “Wolf only came to open the door for Snake.”In other words, the teacher only came to open the door for the healer. The Snake medicine bowls are only the second double spirals thus far. Where Wolf spirals down in (the journey to finding the gift) and is then required to break trail yet again to find a whole new path way out ( the journey of bring the gift into the world)… The Snakes both emerge from the center, moving outward. Where the original snakes moved as opposing forces, outward, like two arms raised up in prayer: left and right, male and female… in this new form the snakes move together, entwined… mating… conception. They move as one, in a sacred dance.
There is a kind of chaos here. A lot of electricity! When Jesus said, “Take up your bed and walk”, he shocked a lot of people! This new Snake medicine is a swirling storm of thunder and lightning: shocking, reawakening, scattering, rearranging chaos into new forms.
Also this newer snake energy embodies the energy and protective quality of the coral bean. There is protective prayer built right in to this form. The male and female mating snakes are very difficult to see; in nature and in the clay. It is a private matter this ultimate joining together, deserving protection.
It seems the most important lesson spirit wants me to get right now, is that even though it seems impossible for me to do what they are asking…if I just move forward in faith the seemingly impossible is possible. Or as Johnny Trudell would say, “Whatever can happen, just might.”