Counting the Wrong Corn


I was off to an early start with my spring planting of ceremonial corn when a late winter freeze, rain, and hail storm hit. The Holy ones were about 50% sprouted and 1 to 2 inches tall when the storm brought snow low on the Catalinas and flurries in town. I covered my precious little deities for 2 nights until the temperatures stabilized. I have been disappointed ever since as it seems no new sprouts are making their appearance. I even tried a second planting to fill in the emptiness. I count the unsprouted daily, saddened by the unusually low germination rate. Today as I Cultivate around the sprouted and add compost to feed their young lives, kneeling there in my beautiful little garden, Spirit whispers a gentle redirect:

“You’re counting the wrong corn”.

Just last night in an interview I heard His Holiness the Dali Llama say that people in the United States have so much but never seem satisfied. I suspect we spend far too much time counting the wrong corn.

                                                                                                   Shar Shk Buk  X