Equinox Swim in the Salish Sea

After yesterday’s freewheeling, unrelenting windstorm; along with a formidable current sweeping unchecked through Agate Passage; today’s calm was a bit of a surprise! The water was serene and crystal clear; all sea weed swept from the area. The water was so clear in fact, the first thing I noticed was a large crab side stepping his way along his submerged portion of the beach. This is one of those Autumn days that may be looked back upon as the last truly inviting day for a swim in the Salish Sea. (but I fervently pray that it is not)

There was a perfect Equinox quarter Moon just hanging out, unpretentiously, in broad daylight, over the northern tip of Bainbridge Island.

In the handful of swims I have taken at Old Man House Beach; today’s was the most lovely and tranquil of all; like the current it’s self was on holiday after the exertion of yesterday. This friendly sea begged my company and enticed me with Her gentleness, to float and lounge like an over sized otter. Alas, I could have become that otter, under that magic changing Moon, and devoured that crab; pulling it limb from limb and taking it’s life directly into my own. Ah to be so free and intimately a part of this Sea and have no need for my “otter skin equalizer”!

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk
Sept. 21st. 2015