Love: in Dog Years and Goat Ears

Love: In Dog Years and Goat Ears

The human being is a social animal.
A herd animal.
And to a herd animal: alone = death.
I have heard a goat screeeeem bloody murder
merely because, she was alone.
There was one cure and one cure only: another goat.
She was not defective.
She simply knew her place in the world
was dependent, on others of her kind.
She was joyful, in context
with the leaping, bounding “others”.
She was at one.
At peace.
She was a goat: with soft ears and a longing heart. (Nubian)

When my heart cried out for Heidi Ho,
was I defective?
If so, then why did the universe send her to me?
Why did the universe send me this, precious love?
To hold in my arms.
To touch.
To marvel at and rejoice in?
Heidi Ho was, in dog years, the love of my life.
And there is a warm, soft place in my heart… which is hers.