Octopus Spirit Calling

I know, Octopus spirit is calling,
I can feel it in my skin
and my heart.
Like, She was just waiting
for my eighth swim:
waiting for me to swim in honor of the eight directions;
in honor of Her;
in honor of all things.

I know, Octopus spirit is calling.
I can feel it in my eyeballs
like a kind of excitement,
when I look at Tree Woman
with Her four roots and two limbs
all reaching, in a whole lot of directions,
and know what is coming next.

I know, Octopus spirit is calling
me, to do her bidding;
like when She had me carry all those rocks
to build her a shrine;
an eight legged medicine wheel
in the desert.
She was making me ready.

I know octopus spirit is calling
because it’s my job:
my work; my life; my love; my passion
And She. And I. Swim.
In the same Sea.

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk
Sept. 24th. 2015
Suquamish, WA