Spirit of Javalin

It is always a very auspicious and holy moment when an animal spirit steps into one’s ceremonial space, in the flesh. Seventeen years ago Javelin blessed me and my ceremony by standing with me in honor of the shearing off of my beloved braids; braids woven of a life time of deception and dysfunction. He stood behind me as I wailed and wept and hacked at my braids with a dull knife. He “ boar witness” to my willingness to confront my own weakness and folly.
Transforming weakness into strength is His special area of expertise: Javelin, who stands with us when we are ready to stand and confront ourselves. He spoke to me that day; the day I sat in the desert, eyeball to eyeball with the great power of Javelin. A day that has changed me forever.
Just last week, on Valentine’s Day, the spirit of Javelin returned. As sweet a valentine as I shall ever know. I felt the gentle tapping of his delicate hoof upon my heart. There he holds a special place and there He stood bearing gifts. He brings sweet inspiration and I am in love all over again as I create these new medicine potteries in His honor. As Masks and rattles; our newly conceived love children are born into this world. His power and my devotion soon to be offered into the sacred fire, in His beloved desert. Gently I will lay the sticks upon the fire in gratitude. Thirteen thank yous Javelin!
P.S. There were bees in the garden at 9:30 this morning.
Shalom Cathie Jo

Javalin rattle and mask