The Man of My Dreams

I have found at last the man of my dreams:
His name is Hafiz.
He breaks my heart
with his love,
and sends god’s lion
to lick the wound…
until I swoon in ecstasy
and weep at the sound of His name.

I have found at last, the man of my dreams.

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk

Until Hafiz

I had been looking for God
for so long
I feared that I had lost my way…
Until Hafiz
emerged from the sands of time.

And now my souls desert
a lush, mad jungle
of beauty and Love…

Every unexpected flake of snow
a Valentine from

Hafiz calls out:
Let us make love, Hafiz
Lying naked,
across the sands of time.

Cathie Jo, Valentine’s Day 2013