To Find the Blessing

One of the blessings of being severely underemployed just might be that one is required to spend 5 days being “under-payed” and blessed, beyond measure. On my feet for 8 hours a day, flagging cars and literally running down the ones who choose an attitude of “I’m not paying for parking!” Bear in mind, that this is a parking operation generating funds the education of our most precious resource: our children.
For me to come out of the desert on an unknown mission and find that I am going to get payed to work with some really great people and laugh nonstop for 5 days is pretty sweet. Laughing at everyone and everything under the sun (or snow as the case may be) ourselves included… is a deep and powerful blessing and generates a tsunami of healing energy.
There are some aspects of the healing process which can only be addressed in the holy practice of mundane daily life: The struggle to pay the rent. There is salvation in falling in alignment with a seemingly random team of perfectly imperfect humanity and falling together, in love. Faith grows, in walking the talk of willingness… in faith. Hearing the inner, intuitional voice of the heart and allowing it to trump logic; builds heart muscle. Allowing magic to disprove science allows God to live: becoming so real that everywhere you look you see Them. Seeing half a dozen laughing Buddhas, here, and knowing you are one, is living divinity. Realizing 3 or 4 Ganeshes are moving things around on the periphery, there, is realizing Gods power in us all. Seeing a gaggle of baby Jesus’ and little holy Mary’s under the tutelage of one earthly Quan Yen or Krishna is bearing witness to the sanctity of humanity.
It’s just Old Man Coyote refusing to pay for His Parking and making you run Him down on foot (beep, beep) or showing up for work drunk so you can work on your supervisory skills and give Him the boot! It’s the holy practice of being human that is so much fun for the Gods.

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk (Roadrunner)
February 14, 2013