White Buffalo Calf Woman Returns

During my years in Alaska it was White Buffalo Calf Woman who most surefootedly guided my journey. I was blessed during those years, through the Unity of Tribes gatherings, to share in ceremony with many Native American people of many tribes. Her presence was always strong and constant among us. My years in Colorado continued in this holy and dependable relationship in the usual way. I learned always to defer to Her in matters of the sacred pipe and the holiness of tobacco. At the turning point of my 52nd Year, when so much was offered up to the sacred fire; given back into the Earth; let go into the river to flow into the sea and gifted away…my little clay pipe was offered back to Mother Earth.
These last 3 years have included an empty place in my heart where that pipe and I and White Buffalo Calf Woman were joined. So many changes have occurred and now I find myself living in the center of Tucson, in the center of the world. This last summer, during trying times; I called out to Her once more on the matter of a pipe; seeking again her divine guidance . After 3 years of patience, this week I was gifted with a pipe. It is a small, simple, humble…Javalin! She reveals herself to me here in the desert in the form of Javalin!
And then today I read, “The ancient Maya know a goddess by the name The Great White Peccary and Her king Precious Peccary.”
My Precious Peccary sits drying among the masks and rattles…awaiting the next pit firing.
White Buffalo Calf Woman and The Great White Peccary; Her two small clay pipes show striking similarities! There is the physical strength of both Buffalo and Javalin and then there is their closeness to the Earth. The silhouette of the 2nd pipe, so similar to the first? Who are these two divine wo-manifestations? Or are they actually one? Am I being handed off from one divine cloven hoof to the next or are these holy hoof prints one and the same? “Her horns are the setting crescent moon… and her tusks cause thunder and lightning!”
Here in southern Arizona, I dwell so close to the gateway to Mexico and the lands beyond. ..the lands of the Azteca, Mayan and so many other Native American tribes… Gods without borders, these are the Gods I know and love. These are the ones who inspire my journey.
13 thank yous White Buffalo Calf Woman.
13 thank yous Great White Peccary.
13 thank yous My Precious Peccary!
My love for you knows no bounds. Truly yours, Shar Shk Buk

Her Tusks Cause the Thunder

Her tusks cause the thunder
as they slice through the fabric of time.
Her tusks cause the lightning
as they shatter the darkness,
bringing the dawn.
Her tusks cause the cleansing rains to fall
drowning our sorrows
in Her love.

Her tusks cause the dread and fear
in our hearts, to rise up
choking us, by our throats;
smothering our very life’s breath.
That we might spring up
And salvage our own lives!

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk
Feb.24th 2012


Her horns
Are the setting
Crescent moon

Her body
The great white
North wind

Her womb
The Earth
From which we are born

And Her voice
And lightening

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk
February, 17/18 1994