Nomads on the Move

Nomads on the move

Starfish and have done it again. Starfish originated on the island of Kauai. She relocated to Suquamish WA at 8 months. And now after a year and a half together we have headed south to the Placerville area of California! We arrived just in time to celebrate Solstice with the family. And Starfish is delighted to find a best girlfriend/cousin right next door, Snoopy!

Two Happy Dogs

Love: in Dog Years and Goat Ears

Love: In Dog Years and Goat Ears

The human being is a social animal.
A herd animal.
And to a herd animal: alone = death.
I have heard a goat screeeeem bloody murder
merely because, she was alone.
There was one cure and one cure only: another goat.
She was not defective.
She simply knew her place in the world
was dependent, on others of her kind.
She was joyful, in context
with the leaping, bounding “others”.
She was at one.
At peace.
She was a goat: with soft ears and a longing heart. (Nubian)

When my heart cried out for Heidi Ho,
was I defective?
If so, then why did the universe send her to me?
Why did the universe send me this, precious love?
To hold in my arms.
To touch.
To marvel at and rejoice in?
Heidi Ho was, in dog years, the love of my life.
And there is a warm, soft place in my heart… which is hers.

If It’s True…




If It’s True…

If it’s true, and it is,
that all art is autobiographic,
then Octopus Woman is me…
is all women,
and She is.

Gazing at Her, She brings me back
to something my little brother told me many years ago.
He said that he thinks, most men are afraid of women…
That we are such unfamiliar,
mysterious, alien beings
that they do not comprehend us and respond in fear.
Perhaps this fear would be better served,
translated into awe, reverence and respect.

Yes, we are alien beings;
creatures of the sea; ruled by the moon:
Changing Women – one and all.
We are more inclined to dance,
all eight arms, simultaneously.
More ready to offer up our three hearts, for the breaking.
More inclined to weep our salty tears, back
into Mother Sea’s loving arms.

If it is true, and it is;
that the seas are dying,
and her children with her…
How is it, that we know these things
and continue to push,
forcing our way into this dismal abyss?

If it is true, and it is.
How is it, that we have not all, simultaneously
fallen to the ground, in our collective grief?