Frozen In My Tracks


Shivering his tail end at me
I am compelled by some inner, instinctual knowing:
frozen in my tracks.
Only my eyeballs allowed to move:
indicating to Mommy that the incarnation of death
is there, behind the potted palm…
between us.

Shivering his tail end, loud…
He lets me know where we both stand:
He, fierce and free; king of the jungle
and I, dumb struck; frozen in my tracks.
Never before have I seen this devil with my own eyes…
but his presence, his authority over me, is absolute.

I make my silent supplications to Grandfather Coyote and Shar Shk Buk:
Patron Saint of those who find themselves eyeball to fang with this devil.
I silently invoke Shar Shk Buk:
that funny little bird who brazenly dances with this devil
and actually wins.
Finally after what seems like a life time: and could very well have been!
Shar Shk Buk opens the pearly gate to my home and heaven on earth,
and I run
not too proud to tuck my own tail between my legs
in deference to his majesty!

By Moon Doggie Buhlert, Sept. 9th, 2012

P.S. Mommy channeled this poem for me because I don’t have opposable thumbs,
and Grandfather Coyote says,” That’s what people are for.”

The Belly of Javalin

There is a plant
whose seed shall never sprout
until it’s fruit has passed
through the belly
of Javalin

It is we who shall never bloom
until we offer our mother’s fruit
into the belly
of Javalin

Within the darkness of his bowels
something so persistent
finally cracks:
and the essence,
the essence of our true being
at last may sprout again.

I do not fear the Javelina’s jaws
nor his belly, for his bowels,
and so this fruit of my mother
I gladly crush
and offer
with my own hands.

Hatching Owl



The Moon, laid an egg
gently upon the Earth
where Her husband, the sun
like a Noble Emperor Penguin
would keep it warm
until it hatched.

The Moon, laid an egg
gently upon the Earth
that she might bear a child
that would give flight
to Her mystery.

The Moon, laid an egg
gently upon the Earth
that this child
would see the world
through two eyes like bright moons
shining in the night.

The Moon, laid an egg
gently upon the Earth
that She might raise up a woman
that would walk and talk
on Her behalf.