Octopus Spirit Calling



Octopus Spirit Calling

I know, Octopus spirit is calling,
I can feel it in my skin
and my heart.
Like, She was just waiting
for my eighth swim:
waiting for me to swim in honor of the eight directions;
in honor of Her;
in honor of all things.

I know, Octopus spirit is calling.
I can feel it in my eyeballs
like a kind of excitement,
when I look at Tree Woman
with Her four roots and two limbs
all reaching, in a whole lot of directions,
and know what is coming next.

I know, Octopus spirit is calling
me, to do her bidding;
like when She had me carry all those rocks
to build her a shrine;
an eight legged medicine wheel
in the desert.
She was making me ready.

I know, octopus spirit is calling
because it’s my job:
my work; my life; my love; my passion
and She. And I. Swim.
In the same Sea.

Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk
©Sept. 24th. 2015
Suquamish, WA

This Love Which Feeds Me: Grizzly Bear Love Song



I feel you there

scratching at my heart

as if, it were your very own

personal birch tree or


as the case may be.

And that, if you open

my heart

just, so…

my nectar, which is The nectar

of the Gods:

the very sap of my being,

just. might. issue. forth.

And you could drink of my essence

and I could feed, this love

which feeds me.


Cathie Jo aka Shar Shk Buk X
August, 9th. 2015
Suquamish, WA

Moon’s Wind Flower Song


When the Moon sings
a certain song,
the wind stirs
as Owl takes flight.

She carries our prayers
and healing through the night.
To Great Spirit
on our behalf
She goes and comes.

Her sharp talons will not fail,
to rip the darkness
like flesh from our ancestral bones
to be transmuted by her magnificence:

That when the Sun
at last rises
we may rejoice.